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antonia finals

1. how did the cutters died? Hw shot his wife and then killed himself, so that everyone could see, that she died first (to preserve his belongings from her relatatives)

2. Who is Widow Steavens and what important role does she play in the story? She tells Jim Antonia’s story, takes care of Antonia.

3. Who is Colonel Raleigh? what did he give away? lenas landlord, he gives away his dog to lena.

4. How did Tiny bocome rich and what happened to her toes? Got goldmine from swedish guy, lost toes coz of frostbite.

5. Who convinced jim to go see Antonia and her children? Lena Lingard

6. When Jim drove up to Cuzaks farm, what caught his attention? Two Antonias children and a dead dog.

7. How does Willa end the novel? What is significant about ending? brings full circle

8. When Jim meets up with tiny again at salt lake city, who does he say she reminds him of? mrs. garden, coz she hated her and became like her.

9.jim arranges to grandparent.., what does he see in photographers shop? girls photo in expensive gilded frames. he realises that is antonias daighter and realises that antonia is still strong.

10. lived most adventorous life and was most successful- tiny soderball

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