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Payment for services-gratuity

Draudimo imoka-premium


Alga-salary, wage, payment


Sum of money which is owed 2 smone-a dept


Muito mokestis-customs


Palukanos-interest (charge)


Paid in bus, train etc-fare

Paskola xatai-mortgage


Pelno mokestis- corporation tax


Money paid to authors-royalties


Saskaitos limito virsijimas-overdraft, to be in red

Kai nevirsiji limito-be in black


Money which goes to a shareholder- dividend

Amount of money which is paid to salesman for

Services- commission

Pragyvenimo lygis-standart of living

Deretis-to haggle

Einamoji saskaita-current acc

Taupomoji sask- savings acc

Dienpinigiai-daily allowance

Kelionpinigiai-travel allowance

Moketi grynais-pay outright

Pirkti kreditu-buy on credit

Pasalpos: unemployment benefit(draw), child benefit,

Disability allowance, dole

To get your money back-refund

Doctor wrote it for medicine-prescription

Printed form that you can write instead of money-cheque

Paper that shows that good or services have been paid-receipt

Pencija- pension (draw pension)

the system of money that a country uses-currency


without a job because there is no more work available for you in a company-redundant

living on money from the state-sponging

to have a second job-moonlight

ppl with office work-white-collar workers

manual workers-blue-collar workers

person who supports family-breadwinner

darbo birza-job centre

getting smaller-downsizing

profsajunga-trade union, or labor union

one and the times the normal hourly rate-time and a half

health insurance-health plan

out of more for more than a year-long-tern unemployed

CV-curriculum vitae/resume

Remove from employment-dismiss, to sack, to fire

Person who employs ppl-employer

Person who is employed-employee

Oral examination of applicant 4 a job-interview

Advance warning of intention to resign-to give or tender ones notice

Something additional to regular salary-perk

Ppl who work in firm-personnel

To give up job-resign

Take on-to employ

Write and ask-write off

verstis is-live off

pagelbeti-help out

generalinis direktorius/important person in

firm who makes big decisions-executive

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