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To develop in a successful way-work out

To justify- vindicate

Connect piece of electrical equipment to electricity-plug into

Think about till you understand-figure out

Awkward, hesitating(nemoksiskas)-fumbling

Find way of dealing with a problem- set up, solve

Being slow-sluggish

Activity which is not normal-irregularity, irregular

Mikcioti( syn stutter)- stammer

To astonish-to sweep

Very silly- ridiculous


Feeling uncomfortable, embarrasses- to be ill at ease

Without any regular pattern-random

Protingas, nuovokus-sensible

Pointless (beprasmis)-senseless

Situation not acceptable, need to be changed- wouldn’t do


To cheat-to turn the trick

To begin, start-take up

Causing to have deep feelings of sadness-moving proposal

Suddenly I understood everything-truth downed on me

That you cannot avoid-inevitable

To be guilty-all my fault

to feel sorry-to regret

to sweat- to perspire

decided in advance- predetermined

the power believed to control event-fate, destiny

parasyt kito darba savo vardu-ghost-write

very ugly syn revolting-hideous

to make sb feel ashamed-to humiliate

needs to be done immediately-urgent

very near to the movement when sth happens-to be on the verge of

end phone call-hang up

to continue to live-to go on

intented to be amusing rather than too serious-lighthearted

rocking-horse winner

able to do many things-versatile

causing lots of angry public discussions- controversial

looking for faults-finding faults


showing with behavior you r better then others-superior

not enough things you need-shortage

think very hard-rack ones brains

visited by ghost(building)- haunted


smile in silly unpleasant way-smirk

shy and nervous-timid

good things that happen by chance-luck

in a quiet or secret way-stealth

violent and frightening-frenzy

to be brave enough to do sth- to dare to

physically strong and healthy-standee

bet in horse race- to put on a horse

to avoid answering directly-parry


start laughing- to burst into a roar of laugh

continue to discuss-to pursue the matter

to become red coz of embarrassment-to blush/flush

tik tarp musu-not let it go beyond us


refusing to change your opinions-obstinate

following immediately one after another-successive


reasonably, fairly but not very-moderately

look than you look extremely angry-blaze

strange, weird-uncanny

was approaching- was drawing

severe pain- anguish/anxiety

ability to think you off the bad situation- common sense

besamones- unconscious

isibrovimas- intrusion

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