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negligible-insignificant: too small or unimportant to be worth considering-nezymus
the press-newspapers or reporters: the news-gathering business generally-ziniasklaida
moulding opinion-to form opinion-formuoti poziuri
circulation-the number of copies of a publication that are sold or distributed to readers in a given period-tirazas
censorship-blackout-cenzuravimas/cenzūra(state control)
overstep certain limits-neperzegti ribu
factual reporting-pateikti faktus
libel-smeiztas(free from libel)
malpractice-profesional mistake
go into action-veikti
editor-publishing supervisor-redaktorius
correspondence column-skaitytoju nuomones skiltis
reputed-gero vardo
quality paper-broadsheet(provide national/international news objectively reported and thoroughly researched, cover great mariety of topics of general interest,appeal to an educated leadership)
popular paper-tabloid(emphasize sensational news, tend to present news in simplified form and informal language, use big neadlines and pictures)
glossy-a magasine printed on shiny smooth paper-mados žurnalas
broadcasting(receive/pick up)-the making and transmission of television and radio programs-transliavimas
crackdown-serious actions
ambigouos-not clear meaning-dviprasmis
political bias-preference: an unfair preference for or dislike of something
screening-a showing on television
transmit-broadcast program: to broadcast a radio or television program
fee-payment for servines
to coordinate-to organize a complex enterprise
trivialize-reduce importance or value of something
rival-a person or group that competes with another
impartialily-having no direct involvement or interest
controversial-provoking strong disagreement-gincytinas
a spur-inducement: something that encourages a person or organization to take action or to make a greater effort-paskatinimas
a multitude-a very large number of things or people-dauguma
escalation-increase: to become or cause something to become greater-ispletimas
revenue-income from business-pelnas
air time-eterio laikas
correspondents-somebody providing special reports
circulation area-cirkuliacijos plotas
sophisticated-knowledgeable and cultured: issilavines
lobby groups-lobistu grupes-petition politicians or influential people: to attempt to persuade a political representative or influential person to support or oppose a particular cause
borderline-the notional line that separates one state or quality from another very similar one
lurid reports-horrifying or shocking:sukreciantis
soap opera-continuing story about lives of a seto f characters
sitcoms-cemoedies about of seto f characters in certain situations
serial-story that continues from one programme or epizode to next
series-weikejai tie pat, vieta skirias
sub-titles or dubbed(igarsinti)
editorial-an opinion article writen by editor
obituaries-descriptions of lives of ppl who have just died-nekrologas
leader(editorial)article-the that gives editiors opinion
classified ads-adverts in different categories
supplement-separate magazines included with the newspaper
feature-an article devoted to a particular topic
agony columns(agony aunt)-readers emotion problems
pamphlet-small book,offen on politics
leaflet(flyer)-single sheet giving info
brochure-small book like magazine about travelling
prospectus-small book about universities etc
booklet-small book with info
manual-book with instructions
pressure groups-ppl trying to influence others
air smb view-express opinion
press conferences-meeting to give info to the press
issue a statement/press release-give formal announcement to the press
sound bite-short memorable phrase that keeps repeating in news
silly season-summer in UK
tapping useful sourses-maming use of ppl which regulary provide news
monitoring-regular checking
column inches-space
put theit own gloss/spin on a story-present a story in particular way
muck-raking-collecting scandal
rag(gutter)-laikrastis apie crime and sex
scoop-story published by one newspaper b4 the others
to nominate-officialy put a person to be elected for a post
to ballot-to cast a vote
to stand for a post/to run for Office-take part in an election
to canvass-travel and try to persuade ppl to vote for ya
to poll-receive a number of votes in an election

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